Academic Integrity Policy

All students are reminded that they are expected to adhere to the academic integrity policy for any course at Cornell. While academic integrity cases are extremely rare for this course (it has the lowest number of violations for any course in the CS department), they do occasionally happen.

The primary concern in this course is the improper use of copyrighted materials. You may not use any material – such as software libraries, art, or music – that prohibits Cornell from distributing your game non-commercially. Improper usage of copyrighted materials is a violation of the code of academic integrity, and will be treated as such.

This is particularly important if you use the Newgrounds Audio Library to add audio and music to your game. You must follow the licensing terms for any material that you use. Most of the time, this requires credit in your game. In that case, you must credit the rights holder in both you game manual and in the game itself.