Get Started

You should immediately familize yourself with this website.

This website is the official syllabus of the course. We recommend that you explore all of the links from the navigation bar at the top. Because this is a project-based course, the first thing that you need to look at is the assignments. The first assignment, the team workflow is due at the end of the first week.

Because we are spending the first two weeks online, it can be a little confusing where to go for everything. In fact, if you look a the Zoom links for the course, you will notice that we have different links for lecture and discussion. If you are ever confused about where to go, you should look a the semester calendar. If an activity in the calendar is clickable, then it will take you to page with more information about that activity (including the location).

For an overview of what we will be covering in class, you should go to the Class Time page. This has more information about what we are doing each class. It also contains information about suggested readings, as well as downloadable slides.

Finally, we will not be using Discord this semester (we were not prepared to be online and we have to get special permission for Discord due to FERPA issues). However, we are using Ed Discussions for answering questions online – about the project or any individual assignments. You should follow the link given to enroll in Ed Discussions for this course.