3rd April
The latest class examples on GUIs ans midi sound have been uploaded in the examples section on the right.

  NOT CS 211

  Miscellaneous Info

Exam Schedule
Prelim #1
Date: 3/6/08 in UH AUD

Prelim #2
Date: 4/15/08 in PH 101 & PH 203

Date: 5/13/08, 7:00-9:30pm in Uris Auditorium

  NOT CS 211


Tues 22nd April
Homework 7 will be due on Friday 2nd May by 11pm.

Thurs 3rd Apr
Homework 6 is due on Monday 21st April by 11pm.

Mon 24th Mar
Homework 5 is due on Wednesday 2nd April by 11pm.

Tues 26th Feb
Homework 4 is due on Wednesday 12th Mar by 11pm.

Weds 13th Feb
Homework 3 is due on Wednesday 27th Feb by 11pm.

Weds 30th Jan
Homework 2 is due on Wednesday 13th Feb by 11pm.

Thurs 24th Jan
Homework 1 is due on Wednesday 30th Jan by 11pm.


01 Slides Intro, I/O, Reference types, Strings and Arrays PDF

02 Slides Classes, Inheritance, Exceptions and Threads I PDF

03 Slides Interfaces and Data Structures I PDF

04 Recursion and Sorting

05 Data Structures and Graphs

06 Tree balancing
* (incomplete - subject to change)

01 methods
02 looping
03 arrays
04 "args"
05 excepts
06 BankAcc 1
07 BankAcc 2
08 file I/O
09 interface
10 queues
11 circ array
12 linked q
13 ping pong
14 GUI text display
15 GUI beeper!
16 GUI value changing
17 GUI calling popups
18 GUI drawing pictures
19 Midi sound via text
20 GUI snazzy midi