COMS 114 (Unix tools), Fall 2003

MWF 12:20-13:10, Phillips Hall 101

CS 114 is a four week, one credit, S/U only course. It runs September 29, 2003 to October 24, 2003. The drop deadline is Monday, October 6; one week into the course. The course prerequisite is COM S 100 or equivalent programming experience.

From the course catalog description: "An introduction to Unix, emphasizing instruction in tools for file management, communication, process control, and program development. Knowledge of at least one programming language is expected. Projects assume no previous knowledge of Unix or expertise in any particular language."

Instructor: Riccardo Pucella

Office hours: Thursday 15:00-16:00 (in Upson Hall 5151)

Just Enough Unix (4th ed), P. K. Andersen, McGraw Hill, 2003. Prentice Hall, 1999.
UNIX in a Nutshell, A. Robbins, O'Reilly, 1999

All books are optional, although Andersen is recommended, especially if you have little experience with computers. Andersen is great for beginners. It starts from the very basics and slowly explains Unix basics in great detail and lots of examples. Robbins is a reference guide. It does not explain how things work, only what they do. It gives few examples.

Recent announcements

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10/30/2003: Homeworks 1 and 2 available outside my door, Upson 5151. Solutions to homework 2 and 3 will be posted here when everyone has them finished. Which I expected should be sometimes next week.

10/29/2003: Submission script for homework 3 should be working now.

10/22/2003: Homework 3 has been posted. It's due on Halloween. The submission script should be working by the end of the week, this time.

10/21/2003: Submission script for homework 2 is finally working. Stupid stupid bug. <sigh>.

10/16/2003: I've changed the notes for Lecture 6 to add some extra stuff that I talked about in the lecture.

10/16/2003: The directory HW2/ is now available on babbage. Have fun. (Submission is not yet working. Still hacking on the submission script.)

10/15/2003: Homework 2 has been posted, and is due Wednesday, October 22. Note that I have not yet finished creating the directories on babbage containing the files you need to actually do the homework. That will get done this afternoon. But you can (and should) start reading the homework and start thinking about it!

10/10/2003: Homework 2 will go out on wednesday, after Fall Break.

10/1/2003: Read Chapter 6 (and tutorials 7,8) of Andersen.

10/1/2003: Homework 1 has been posted, and is due Wednesday, October 8.

9/29/2003: Read Chapters 1,2,3 of Andersen.

9/29/2003: The accounts for students registered as of last week have been created on the CSUG machines. Please refer here for how to setup the initial password for your account. Note that you do not need to go through this step if you already have a CSUG account because of another course you are taking this semester. For general info on the CSUG lab, see here. The UNIX machine we are actually using is From any of the CSUG machines, run telnet Your username on babbage is your netid, and your password is the same as you CSUG password. If you want to connect to babbage from outside the CSUG lab, you need to use ssh. PuTTY is a reasonable ssh client for Windows, if you need one.



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