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Grades and exams

This is an S/U course. Passing the course requires mastery of the material at the B level (85%)

Programming assignments

The assignments will be posted after the information sessions. Assignment 1 parts a and b together accounts for 25%; Assignment 2 is worth 25%. You must submit Assignment 1 (parts a and b) before you take Test 1, and submit Assignment 2 before you take Test 2.

For each assignment, if your first submission isn't perfect you may correct and re-submit it once without penalty; each additional re-submission incurs a 10% deduction for that assignment. For the purpose of (re-)submission, Assignments 1a and 1b are considered separate assignments. Assignments submitted by Wednesday will be graded by the Saturday night of the same week. (Re-)Submission should be made before the individual assignment's deadline. We will accept a final (re)submission that is late but within 2 days of the deadline with a 10% penalty for that assignment.

Note that your submission will receive a substantial point deduction if it is not properly annotated with comments. Always include concise comments in your code!


There is one exam for Module 1 and one for Module 2, each is worth 25% of the course score. Take Test 1 after you submit Assignment 1 (both parts); take Test 2 after you submit Assignment 2.

You may take each of Test 1 and Test 2 before their deadlines multiple times, but only once a week, to attempt to raise your score. The most recent test score is the final score for each Module. We reserve the right to limit the number of times that a student can take a test. If we observe a student making repeated attempts without any signs of studying or improvement, the student will be required to meet with a TA for help before making another attempt.

In a typical week, there will be several 1-hour time slots that you can choose from. You need to register for the test by choosing one time slot. Registration is done through CMS. More information about test times will be posted during the first full week of classes.

The tests include both pen(cil)-and-paper parts and computer-based (using Matlab) parts.