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Academic integrity

Do not cheat! Cheating does not help you learn, but it does something to your character. Simply put, academic integrity is just about respect: you respect yourself by submitting only your own work. Students agree that by taking this course all required assignments and tests may be subject to similarity reviews using a plagiarism detection software (for example, MOSS).

The Department of Computer Science faculty take violations of the Cornell University Code of Academic Integrity seriously. You must adhere to the Code of Academic Integrity; ignorance of the Code is not an acceptable excuse.

Penalties for cheating

We assign penalties on a case-by-case basis. We may fail the student who has violated the Code in the course, request a college-level disciplinary action (e.g., required leave), or request a university-level disciplinary action (e.g., apply a permanent mark on your transcript or expulsion from the university).

Whom should you contact if you suspect a violation of the Code?

Contact a member of the course staff immediately if you suspect a Code violation.