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Module 1. Introduction to Java and OO

About this module

You will learn about DrJava, the IDE (Integrated Development Environment) that we use in CS101J. You will learn about Java types, expressions, declarations, and the assignment statement. And you will learn basic OO concepts about objects and classes.

We will spend some time on specifications, testing, and debugging programs, because these are important in any progamming endeavor.

Contents of this module

Part 1. Introduction

Part 2. Integrated development environments (DrJava and Eclipse)

Part 3. Types and expressions

Part 4. Variables, declarations, and the assignment statement

Part 5. Objects and classes

Part 6. The class definition

Part 7. Specifications, testing, and debugging

Part 8. API packages: wrapper classes, autoboxing, Vector, and ArrayList

Programming assignment for module 1

Test for module 1