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Part 2. Integrated development environnments

Module 1, part 1. Introduction to CS1130


This first part of module 1 of CS1130 gives you a basic introduction to programming languages, programming, and Java.


No. Topic Discussion
1. Computing and programming. Reading: Gries/Gries, Chap. 0, pp. 3–14. The purpose of this reading is to help you become familiar with some terminology of computer hardware and software, to give you a sense of history of programming, and to give you a brief overview of object-orientation and the programming language Java. You probably are familiar with some of this material already, since you already know a programming language, and it won't take you long to read this chapter. But do read it.
2. Structural and algorithmic aspects of programming languages. (html) This short little essay talks about two aspects of a programming language and gives a brief introduction to how object-oriented programming (OO) treats the structural aspect.