What will happen if I miss the first class?
The snow storm has disrupted a lot of travel for a lot people, so you are not alone! Don't worry about missing the first class. You can work on the first lab remotely and get it checked off either online or during the first 10 minutes of lab the following week. You can also get help with your python installation and/or the lab work during Consulting Hours. Lecture notes are posted on the class schedule. We won't start using the iClickers until Thursday, and everyone is allowed to miss 10% of classes with no penalty anyway. Please do not stress out.


How can I enroll in this class?
Everyone who wanted a seat during pre-enroll got one (yay!). Lecture enrollment is capped at 500. If you see that a Lab Section has room, that's not enough; we need everyone to fit in the lecture hall. The lecture might be full (and appear as "Closed" on student center), but every time someone drops the class, their spot becomes available, the class opens again, and a new person can enroll. This happened a lot the first week, and at the moment (9pm on Jan 28) there are actually 2 free spots in the class! So even though the class looks full, there is movement.

How can I get on the waitlist for this class?
The department does not maintain waitlists for courses below the 4000 level and instructors are not at liberty to bypass the registration process. This means that if you email me asking for a seat in the class, I will probably send you a link to this FAQ so as to inform you that sadly, no, I cannot personally add you to the class or a waitlist.

How can I switch sections?
(Only you can change your section; the course staff cannot do this for you.) Use the swap feature (see page 3) to change your discussion section. If you drop the class, someone else might quickly enroll and you might be unable enroll again. All sections are capped at 45 students. If the section you want to enroll in is full, wait until someone leaves that section and then perform the swap. There will be a lot of enrollment movement in January. If you pay attention, you'll most likely be able to get into the section you want.

How do I start an assignment?
Read the assignment a few times. Don't expect to absorb it all at once. While reading the assignment, look for clues on what you need to do. When you've figured out the larger tasks, break those large problems into smaller and smaller tasks. Eventually, you can program those smaller tasks.

How do I print in a public lab / use Net-Print?
Review the page about Net-Print from CIT.

How do I become a consultant?
See the Computer Science Undergraduate Course Staff Positions webpage.

How can I get a form signed?
Bring your form to the course administrative assistant (see Staff page). They will retain your form and send you an email when the form has been signed and is ready for you to pick up. This may take a day or two.

How do I catch up? I'm lost.
Some ideas: Make sure you are attending your lab section and utilizing the course staff during this time. If you are having trouble with an assignment, go to consulting hours or post your question on Piazza. If you are having trouble with a concept, go to the TA or instructor office hours. If you need a longer help session, sign up for a 1-on-1 session with a consultant (details about how to do this coming soon). If it's early in the semester, sign up for an AEW. There will be a review session before each of the exams. Make sure you attend them! Finally, if you are working on the assignmnets with a partner, make sure your partner is at about the same level as you. If your partner does all the work, you learn nothing. If you know more than your partner, you can't learn from them. If you're at the same level, you learn from each other and share the work equally.


Where is the Lost and Found for Baker Laboratory?
Baker Laboratory 131, just inside the first floor lobby.

Where are the computer labs, and when are they available?
Carpenter map; Blue room schedule; Green room schedule; Orange room schedule; Red room schedule; Phillips 318 map and schedule. These are the only labs guaranteed to use the right Python installation for CS 1110.

Where can I find a tutor?

MAY I...

May I take this class Pass/Fail?
As of Fall 2018, students are no longer permitted to take the course S/U. Students who are worried about performing well in the course should take CS 1133 instead.

May I change my partner?
You may have different partners for different projects, but you may not have more than one partner for any assignment.

May I use PyDef or an actual Python IDE? May I program in a different language?
You may not use another language. If you want, you may use an actual Python IDE such as PyDef, Wing IDE, or even the commercial Komodo IDE. However, if you do this, you are on your own; we provide support only for using a command shell.

May I complete an extra credit assingment to boost my semester grade in the class?
The short answer is no. The long answer is that the many components of your semester grade (7 assignments, 12 labs, 3 exams, 12 surveys, and 25 days of clicker questions) have both taken a lot of time to create and provided you ample opportunities to show the degree to which you have mastered the material. Providing another assignment to everyone would be stretching the limits of what we can expect students to accomplish in a single semester; providing it to only a few would be unfair. Furthermore, the university frowns upon assignments being due past the last day of class because it is seen as a sudden and undo burden to students while they are studying for finals.