• Instructor: Anne Bracy, Gates 452
  • Administrative Assistant: Lacy Lucas (lsl92), Gates 401
  • Head TA: Seunghyun (Matt) Kim
  • Graduate TAs: Georgios Karagiannis, Shawn Ong, Yang Liu, Bowen Mao, Becca Jiang
  • Head Consultants: Austen Joa, Camila Pretiz, Kevin Cook, Victoria Litvinova
  • Please see Canvas for a complete list of course consultants and their photos.


  • Course announcements will be emailed to you and posted on Canvas.
  • Coding assignments will be posted on the course website and are to be submitted via CMS.
  • We use Gradescope for submitting anything written; this includes 2 assignments and all of your exams.
  • Questions about assignments and concepts can be asked in person during Office Hours (see calendar below) or online on Piazza, an optional Q&A forum.
  • For time sensitive matters or matters that are specific to you alone, please email cs1110-staff. This is the fastest way to get a response as it goes straight to the inboxes of our grad TAs and head consultants.
  • For sensitive matters that must be handled exclusively by the instructor, please email cs1110-prof or come to instructor office hours. Please do not email the instructor personally; it is important to keep all 1110 communication in one place.

Office Hours

Professor Bracy's Office Hours are immediately after lecture from 9:55-10:45 T/Th next door to the lecture hall in Baker 219. She also holds Office Hours by appointment which you can book here.
Consulting Hours run from 1/27 thru 5/7 (though rarely during official Cornell breaks) and are located in the ACCEL lab green room.
All other office hours are listed on a per staff member basis below.
Please refer to the calendar for latest office hours. They may change from week to week based on course and staff schedules. Changes will also be posted on Piazza.