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Research Interests of Faculty and Senior Researchers

Kenneth P. Birman Distributed computing, fault-tolerant network systems, distributed systems security, large-scale network applications

Claire Cardie Natural language processing, machine learning, artificial intelligence

Paul Chew   Geometric algorithms with an emphasis on practical applications

Tom Coleman Numerical analysis, scientific computing, sparse optimization, algorithms

Robert L. Constable Computational complexity, formal semantics, applied logic, automated reasoning

Ron Elber Computational biology, genomics

Michael Godfrey Software engineering

Donald P. Greenberg Realistic image synthesis, modeling, scientific visualization, computer-aided design, image processing

David Gries Programming methodology, programming languages, compiler construction

Joseph Halpern Logics, artificial intelligence, distributed computing, reasoning about uncertainty

Juris Hartmanis Theory of computation

John E. Hopcroft   Robust geometric algorithms, modeling and simulation, and information capture and access

Daniel P. Huttenlocher Computer vision

S. Keshav Networks, quality of service, multimedia. Telephony and telecommunications networks

Jon Kleinberg Theory of computation, optimization, computational biology

Dexter Kozen Theory of computation, proof-carrying code, computational complexity, analysis of algorithms, program logics and semantics

Dean Krafft Digital libraries, information access

Carl Lagoze Infrastructure for distributed digital libraries

Bruce Land   Development and use computer graphical methods to understand large, often multidimensional, scientific data sets

Lillian Lee Natural language processing

Yuying Li Scientific computation, numerical optimization

J. Gregory Morrisett Programming languages, compilers, distributed systems, runtime systems

Andrew Myers Programming languages, security, mobile code

Keshav Pingali Compilers, parallel computing, programming languages

Ronitt Rubinfeld Theory of computation, randomized algorithms, computational complexity

Fred B. Schneider Distributed systems security and fault-tolerance, mobile code, concurrent programming, operating systems

Bart Selman Artificial intelligence and experimental computer science

Praveen Seshadri Database systems

Rosen Sharma Network management and protocols, quality of service, multimedia

David Shmoys Scheduling, computational complexity

Brian Smith Multimedia systems

Eva Tardos Combinatorics, complexity theory, communication networks, QoS and data flow

Tim Teitelbaum Programming languages, systems, environments

Sam Toueg Distributed computing, fault tolerance, real-time systems

Charles Van Loan Matrix computations, scientific computing

Robbert van Renesse Distribute computing, fault-tolerance, distributed multimedia systems

Stephen Vavasis Numerical analysis, optimization

Thorsten von Eicken Parallel and distributed systems, computer architecture

Catherine M. Wagner Automated reasoning, constructive logic

Ramin Zabih Computer vision, multimedia, information technology, robotics

Richard Zippel Symbolic mathematics, scientific software