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Srinivasan Keshav

Associate Professor

PhD UC Berkeley, 1991

My research interests in the area of computer networking span the spectrum from protocol design and mathematical analysis to hands-on system implementation. Much of my work is motivated by the need for protocols and mechanisms that provide end-to-end quality of service guarantees. This has led me to do research in the areas of traffic management, flow and congestion control, scheduling, and pricing and to implement ideas in two experimental testbeds: Xunet II (a wide-area ATM network) and IDLInet (a PC-based local-area ATM network).

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My recent work has been in two broad areas: network management and Internet-telephony integration. My research group and I are creating the next generation of network management tools. These include tools for network discovery, monitoring, simulation, visualization, and configuration management. We believe that these tools will allow network managers to design and maintain reliable, robust networks that provide users with macroscopic quality-of-service guarantees. We have also built a testbed that allows us to rapidly create services that span the telephone network and the Internet. Our prototype Internet Voice Mail Service uses the JTAPI interface to a Lucent Definity G3 switch to combine email and voicemail, a service we hope to make widely available in the department. My group is also working on techniques for centralized multicast, scripting for web-based applications, and quality-of-service oriented routing.


Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Fellowship, 1997-1999

Professional Activities

  • Editor: IEEE/ACM Trans. Networking, J. High Speed Networking, Special issue on Quality of Service: Computer Comm. J., April 1998

  • Program Committee: IEEE Computer Comm. Workshop '98, INFOCOM '98, SIGCOMM '97, NOSS-DAV `97


  • Environments for active networks. Intel Active Networks Forum, Aug. 1997.

  • Traffic management: Concepts, issues and challenges. ACM SIGCOMM `97 tutorial, Sept. 1997.

  • Active SNMP. OPENSIG Fall '97, Oct. 1997.

  • What's hot in networking? Bell Labs, Holmdel, Dec. 1997.

  • Access technologies, IthacaNet Conf., March 1998.


  • Issues and trends in router design. IEEE Comm. Magazine (May 1998), 144-151 (with R. Sharma).

  • Rcbr: A simple and efficient service for multiple time-scale traffic. IEEE/ACM Trans. Networking (Dec. 1997), 741-755 (with M. Grossglauser and D. Tse).