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Dean Krafft

Senior Research Associate
Director of Computing Facilities

PhD Cornell, 1981

This year, I had two major interests. On the research side, I continued working on digital libraries. I am the principal investigator at Cornell for the Networked Computer Science Technical Reports (NCSTRL_pronounced "Ancestral") project. The NCSTRL system compiles the technical reports of leading-edge research from computer scientists over 100 institutions around the world and provides an efficient, user-friendly method for accessing them. The system is available at The research project is described in more detail in the Digital Libraries research section of this report.

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In my role as Director of Computing Facilities, my major technical interest over the last year was in guiding and supporting the department's transition to Intel Architecture machines running Microsoft's Windows NT. This change has raised a wide range of issues in security, network management and configuration, systems management and software distribution, software development tools, and benchmarking and evaluation. I also served as proposal coordinator and project leader for a university-wide project titled "Next-Generation Computing and Communications: Changing the Face of University Education and Research". This proposal resulted in a grant of $6 million in computing equipment from Intel Corporation to 27 research projects across the university. A description of the individual projects and research results to date can be found at