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Bruce R. Land

Project Leader of Visualization, Cornell Theory Center
Senior Research Associate

PhD Cornell, 1976

As a staff member in the Cornell Theory Center, my function is to develop and use computer graphical methods to understand large, often multidimensional, scientific data sets. In order to enhance such understanding, we develop software tools and paradigms to show novel relationships between data in a visual format. Recently we have been developing software to effectively use simulated environments to interactively explore chemical systems and other 3D systems. I have taught CS417, Computer Graphics, for seven years. This year I also taught EE475, Computer

Architecture, and EE476, Microcontroller Design.


Instability dynamics in three dimensional fracture. J. Mechanics and Physics of Solids 45 (1997), 1461-1471 (with F.F. Abraham, D. Schneider, D. Lifka, J. Skovira, J. Gerner, and M. Rosenkrantz).