Research Interests of the
Faculty and Senior Researchers

The following are the research interests of each of the faculty members of the Computer Science Department at Cornell. To find out more about any of the faculty, follow the link to his/her Annual Report and/or Personal home pages.

Kenneth P. Birman: (Annual Report)
Distributed computing, fault-tolerance, high performance communication.
Bard Bloom: (Annual Report)
Semantics of programming languages, distributed algorithms.
Claire Cardie: (Annual Report) and/or (Personal)
Natural language processing, machine learning, artificial intelligence.
Paul Chew: (Annual Report)
Geometric algorithms, mesh generation.
Thomas F. Coleman: (Annual Report)
Numerical optimization, parallel computation.
Robert L. Constable: (Annual Report)
Theory of computation, programming logics, automated reasoning.
Bruce Randall Donald: (Annual Report) and/or (Personal)
Robotics, artificial intelligence, computational geometry, microelectro-mechanical systems.
Donald P. Greenberg: (Annual Report)
Computer graphics, computer-aided design.
David Gries: (Annual Report) and/or (Personal)
Programming methodology, programming languages, compiler construction, logic.
Juris Hartmanis: (Annual Report)
Theory of computation, computational complexity.
Monika Rauch Henzinger: (Annual Report) and/or (Personal)
Algorithms, data structures, graph theory.
Thomas A. Henzinger: (Annual Report) and/or (Personal)
Theory of concurrent and real-time systems.
John E. Hopcroft: (Annual Report)
Modeling and simulation, algorithms, information capture and access.
Daniel P. Huttenlocher: (Annual Report) and/or (Personal)
Computer vision, computational geometry, digital video.
Dexter Kozen: (Annual Report) and/or (Personal)
Theory of computation, computational complexity, analysis of algorithms, program logics and semantics.
Dean Krafft: (Annual Report) and/or (Personal)
Digital libraries, information access.
Bruce Land: (Annual Report) and/or (Personal)
Computer graphics.
Yuying Li: (Annual Report)
Scientific computation, numerical optimization.
J. Gregory Morrisett:
Programming languages, distributed systems, runtime systems, concurrency.
Keshav K. Pingali: (Annual Report)
Software for parallel systems, compilers.
Robbert van Renesse: (Annual Report)
Distributed computing, fault-tolerance, distributed multimedia systems.
Ronitt A. Rubinfeld: (Annual Report)
Theory of computation, randomized algorithms, computational complexity.
Gerard Salton: (Annual Report)
Information retrieval, language and text processing, information technology.
Fred B. Schneider: (Annual Report)
Concurrent programming, fault-tolerance, distributed systems, real-time systems.
Brian C. Smith: (Annual Report) and/or (Personal)
Distributed multimedia systems, image processing, user interfaces, information technology.
Devika Subramanian: (Annual Report)
Artificial intelligence, machine learning, information technology.
Tim Teitelbaum: (Annual Report)
Programming languages, systems, environments.
Sam Toueg: (Annual Report) and/or (Personal)
Distributed computing, fault-tolerance, real-time systems.
Lloyd N. Trefethen: (Annual Report) and/or (Personal)
Numerical analysis, applied mathematics.
Charles Van Loan: (Annual Report)
Scientific computing.
Stephen Vavasis: (Annual Report) and/or (Personal)
Numerical analysis.
Thorsten von Eicken: (Annual Report) and/or (Personal)
Parallel systems, computer architecture.
Catherine M. Wagner: (Annual Report)
Automated reasoning, constructive logic.
Ramin Zabih: (Annual Report) and/or (Personal)
Computer vision, multimedia, information technology, robotics.
Richard Zippel: (Annual Report)
Symbolic mathematics, scientific software.

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