Dean Krafft
Senior Research Associate
Director of Computing Facilities
PhD Cornell University, 1981

My research and technical interests in the last year have been primarily in the areas of digital libraries and information access. I am principal investigator at Cornell for the CS-TR project. This ARPA-funded consortium of the top five Computer Science departments (Berkeley, Cornell, CMU, MIT, and Stanford) and the Corporation for National Research Initiatives (CNRI) is doing research and development on the problems of the rapid dissemination of CS Technical Reports over the Internet. The project involves developing standard protocols and access methods and implementing new, leading-edge search and retrieval mechanisms.

As part of this project, we built a distributed, multi-format, digital library server called Dienst. Dienst supports the browsing, search, and retrieval of technical reports and other documents. Over the last year, we implemented a number of major improvements to Dienst, including full-text search, image zoom, a better user interface, and a much more efficient underlying implementation. The server is used at fifteen computer science departments and research laboratories, with more being added on a regular basis. Our server provides access to thousands of reports, including over 1500 Cornell CS technical reports from 1968 to the present, at

We have recently begun work on a successor to Dienst, known as CRADLE. Working with the digital library community, we are building CRADLE to implement the emerging concensus National Digital Library Infrastructure Architecture. CRADLE can then serve both as a reference model for the new architecture and as a tool for researchers wishing to experiment with the digital library infrastructure. Our first version of CRADLE uses the CNRI handle system to implement fully independent index, repository, and user interface services.


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