Kiran Tomlinson

PhD Student, Computer Science

Cornell University


I’m a Computer Science PhD student at Cornell University advised by Austin Benson and currently working with Johan Ugander and Jon Kleinberg on problems around modeling preferences and ranked-choice voting. More broadly, I’m interested in modeling and understanding human behavior (especially choices) through algorithmic and machine learning methods. This summer, I did research on multi-organization recommendation at Microsoft with Longqi Yang and Mengting Wan.

When away from my desk, I spend my time playing guitar, biking, listening to music, flying quadcopters, bouldering, and playing pool. I have additional interests in spaceflight, Premier League football, and Formula 1.

Recent news

🛠 Jul ‘21 The Workshop on Human and Machine Decisions was accepted to NeurIPS ‘21!

👨‍💻 May ‘21 Started my summer internship @ Microsoft’s Office of Applied Research!

📝📝 May ‘21 Two papers accepted to KDD 2021! One on the LCL, one on choice set confounding

🗣 Apr ‘21 Gave a talk for the Predicting Human Decisions course @ WPI on the LCL

🗣 Mar ‘21 Gave a talk for the Cornell/MIT MURI group on the LCL and some upcoming work

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