Kiran Tomlinson

PhD Student, Computer Science

Cornell University


I’m a Computer Science PhD student at Cornell University advised by Austin Benson and currently working on models of human choice, especially their applications to social networks and large datasets. More broadly, I’m interested in understanding human behavior through algorithmic and machine learning methods, and in developing those methods. This summer, I’m doing research on collaboration networks at Microsoft with Longqi Yang.

When away from my desk, I spend my time playing guitar, biking, flying quadcopters, and (when not in a global pandemic) playing pool. I have additional interests in spaceflight, Premier League football, and Formula 1.

Recent news

🛠 Jul ‘21 The Workshop on Human and Machine Decisions was accepted to NeurIPS ‘21!

👨‍💻 May ‘21 Started my summer internship @ Microsoft’s Office of Applied Research!

📝📝 May ‘21 Two papers accepted to KDD 2021! One on the LCL, one on choice set confounding

🗣 Apr ‘21 Gave a talk for the Predicting Human Decisions course @ WPI on the LCL

🗣 Mar ‘21 Gave a talk for the Cornell/MIT MURI group on the LCL and some upcoming work

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Collaboration Network

People are red, papers are blue.

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