I am a final-year Phd candidate at Cornell University in the Department of Computer Science

I am currently on the job market for teaching-focused faculty positions at colleges and universities in the Boston area. Feel free to reach out if you’d be interested in my application!

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CV as of Aug 23, 2022: cv.pdf


Google Scholar: Drew Zagieboylo

Peer-Reviewed Papers

At Cornell


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At Cornell

  • Fa 2022, TA-Instructor for Computer System Organization & Programming (CS3410) with Anne Bracy
  • Sp 2022, Student in the Teaching and Learning Graduate Seminar
  • 2019-2022, (Head) Instructor for multiple Rock Climbing courses in the College of Outdoor Education
  • Sp 2018, TA Operating Systems (CS4410/4411) for Anne Bracy
  • Fa 2017, TA Operating Systems (CS4410/4411) for Anne Bracy and Gün Sirer


  • 2016-2017, Volunteer with TEALS at Hillsdale High School

At UC Berkeley

  • Sp 2014, TA Computer Security (CS 161) for David Wagner


Please feel free to reach out to me for anything releated to my research or personal interests!

Email : dz333@cornell.edu

About Me

Academics and Experience

I am a final-year PhD candidate at Cornell Univeristy. I’m primarily interested in hardware-software codesign, particularly with a focus on security. My work aims to redefine and/or tighten the security abstractions across the program stack to prevent devastating side-channel attacks (such as Spectre) and even improve the performance of security-critical software. Most recently, I’ve been investigating how to use microarchitectural abstractions to build processors with provable correctness and security guarantees.

I graduated from U.C. Berkeley with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science in 2014, where I focused on computer architecture courses and worked as a TA for CS 161 (Computer Security).

For the following three years, I worked at Electronic Arts on the Digital Platform Data Team. I was (in part) responsible for administration and automated management of our AWS resources. Additionally, I worked on bringing low-latency stream processing to the EADP Data Team by adopting Apache Spark and Kafka. Lastly, I was in charge of rennovating EA’s responsive crash reporting system, BugSentry.

Other Interests

I am an avid outdoorsman and love to hike, bike, snowboard, ski, run and (most of all), rock climb. I was also a member of the U.C. Berkeley Symphony Orchestra for 6 years as a violist; I’m still looking for a way to continue music as a time-constrained PhD student!