My Top Picks, 2014

January 25, 2015

I love reading each year’s IEEE Micro Top Picks special issue. It’s the lazy computer architect’s source for must-read papers from the last year.

For Top Picks 2014, Luis and Karin tried something new: they asked for community input during the selection process. Even a lowly grad student could submit short comments on each paper. This inevitably made me play “fantasy Top Picks committee” in my mind. And the other night, Tim suggested that folks should share their own Pitchforkesque year-end top-ten lists.

The architecture community needs more of this kind of research commentary. So let’s give this a shot.

My 2014 Top Picks

My favorite papers from the 2014 Top Picks slate (in alphabetical order):

Honorable Conflicts

I had clear conflicts with two great submissions to Top Picks. I can’t in good conscience list them above, but I also can’t go without mentioning them. Both are veritable landmarks:

Your Turn?

These lists are subjective and noisy—I’d be shocked if your list is the same as mine or the official picks (whenever they’re announced). So concoct your own! And then email me so I can link to your post here.