EnerJ Aftermath: Presentation, Poster, and Press

June 11, 2011

I’ve just returned from PLDI 2011 at FCRC in San Jose, where I gave a talk about the EnerJ project. The conference was amazing, mostly because of all the sharp and friendly people I met there. I hope to run into everyone again many times at future conferences.

I have now posted the slides for the PLDI talk. There’s also a very simplistic poster about EnerJ that I made for recruiting undergraduate collaborators (please get in touch if you’re interested!).

In the lead-up to the conference, the EnerJ got a small amount of coverage in the popular nerd press (thanks to Hannah Hickey’s article from the the University’s news office). We got short writeups in GeekWire, DailyTech, Gizmag, and, most prominently, Engadget. It was interesting to see how non-academics reacted to simple synopses of the work—as is typical of Internet comment sections, responses were of variable levels of thoughtfulness. (I did enjoy all the comments comparing my advisor’s photo to Harry Potter and Kevin Connolly.) It was an interesting reminder of the differences between academia and the rest of the world.