6 Puppies That Will Make You Apply to Cornell University for a Ph.D. in Computer Science

November 25, 2015

If you’re curious about research in computer science, please apply to the Ph.D. program at Cornell CS or in ECE. Cornell has a top-notch, world-class research program. It’s especially strong in the spectrum of computer systems topics: programming languages, compilers, operating systems, networks, security, and architecture. I look forward to working with tenacious, creative new students who are curious about these topics when I start as an assistant professor there next fall.

Tell everyone you know to apply. The deadline’s December 15 for both departments. I’ll let these six puppies explain why Cornell is the perfect CS program for you.

1. This puppy, who graduated from a top-tier department with incredible researchers in every area of computer science.

mortarboard puppy!

Cornell has one of the world’s most renowned computer-science research programs by any measure. It’s in the top 10 of any traditional ranking out there, but it’s not just about US News. At any serious computer science conference, you’ll see faculty and students from Cornell leading their fields. Check out the constant torrent of publicity and accolades on the CS department’s news feed.

At a school like Cornell with broad excellence across different areas, you don’t have to know exactly what you want to do before you apply. Whichever line of research you fall in love with, Cornell has incredible faculty in that area to help you change the world.

2. This adorable row of puppies, who symbolize Cornell’s unfair concentration of programming-languages superstars.

so many puppies!

If programming languages, software verification, type theory, software engineering, or compilers are your thing, Cornell is an especially good match. Just look at this star-studded list. Even our dean is a PL giant. It’s downright unfair for other CS departments.

3. This puppy hanging out with a cat, in the same way Cornell CS researchers collaborate with amazing computer architects in the ECE department.

a puppy meeting a cat!

The Cornell ECE department’s Computer Systems Laboratory houses even more world-class computer-science researchers. And they’re not slowing down: this year, they hired the excellent Christina Delimitrou from Stanford. Through collaboration between the two departments, you can do cross-cutting research that spans the entire system stack from logic gates to type theory.

4. This snuggly puppy, who reflects a departmental culture that prioritizes your success as a grad student.

cuddly puppy!

For your success and happiness as a grad student, the cultural norms in a department can be just as important as research excellence. Cornell’s CS department has a well-deserved reputation for preserving an inclusive, approachable culture and for paying attention to its grad students’ lives and careers. Doing great research is not worth being miserable for n years—and at Cornell, you don’t have to choose.

5. This outdoorsy puppy, who knows that Ithaca is a real-life utopia.

puppy in an Ithaca gorge!

Ithaca, New York is a fantastic place to live. The natural beauty is stunning, the progressive culture and politics are renowned, local food is abundant, and the traffic is nonexistent. Admittedly questionable research outfits regularly rank bestow titles like “the smartest city in America” and “the best college town in America” on Ithaca.

Oh, and we’re in New York City too.

6. This puppy who hangs out with cows, just like you can on Cornell’s campus.

puppy hanging out with some cows!

There are cows! Right on campus! You can hang out with them, just like Greg!