Students and postdocs

Krugman has never had many graduate students. He is unsure why this is so. Is it that his style of thinking, intuitive rather than methodological, is too difficult to imitate? he wonders. Is he too distracted? Too busy? Too short? — Larissa MacFarquhar, New Yorker profile
I have been incredibly lucky to serve as the advisor of a spectacular bunch of people. As I say elsewhere, my research trajectory has really just involved following their lead. My debt to them is unbounded.

PhD students and postdocs (and 1st position afterwards).

During their time as students at Cornell, my students gave invited talks or interviews at Bar-Ilan, CMU, CUNY, EPFL, Facebook, Google, the Max Planck institute, Microsoft Research, MIT, MIT Lincoln Labs, Northeastern, Pitt, Rice, Stanford, SUNY Stonybrook, the Technion, UC Boulder, UMass Amherst, University of Pennsylvania, University of Wisconsin, and Yahoo!.

Undergraduate co-authors


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