Health and Well Being

We are all experiencing the stress of a difficult semester, particularly after all the Zoom lectures last year. It is normal for students to feel anxious, worried or even panicky under these conditions.

At Cornell, all of us are here to help one-another.  Feel free posing questions about the course materials to any TA, or in Piazza, and to help others by answering their questions if you can.  Do not post programs, but it is fine to pose a line of code and a compiler error message and ask for help understanding it.  It is not a violation of academic integrity to ask for help understanding material from the class.

If you are feeling worried about your own safety, or have reason to worry about others, consider talking to the Cornell counsellors at EARS (607-255-3277 (EARS)).  This Cornell service is staffed 24x7 by experts who have seen many kinds of situations, who can understand your own personal concerns and circumstances, and who can help you find a path forward even in seemingly impossible conditions.  They have been in difficult situations themselves, and know how it feels, and they really can help. And they will keep their discussion with you in strictest privacy.

If you need to talk to someone now, please call the Ithaca Crisis Line at 607-272-1616, the National Suicide Hotline at 1-800-273-8255, or text HOME to 741-741.

If you become ill and suspect that it could be Covid, please follow the Cornell guidelines.  Do not walk in to a testing center or the clinic: read the Covid information web pages first.  If you are ill, and able to work from home, you should be able to continue in CS4414 using streaming video or watching recorded lectures when you fell up to it.