CS4414: Exams

Grading in CS4414 is 50% based on exams and 50% based on programming assignments. 

We will have two exams, one on March 7 and one on May 2.  There are no planned makeups and there will not be a separate final in the finals week -- you can think of the first exam as a prelim and the second as a final, but in fact these two exams count equally.  Here are some study materials (the exams and solutions used in 2021).

Practice Prelim Practice Final
Exam   Solution-Set Exam   Solution-Set

Each exam is cummulative: the first covers material from lecture and recitation up through March 1 (meaning, "including").  The second exam is of the same difficulty and length, but covers everything through (again, including) April 26.

The exams are scheduled on March 7 and on May 2 and will be evening exams in rooms Cornell will announce.  If you have a conflicting exam (same day, same time) we will work it out so that you take one exam a little early and start the other a little late, with time to walk from one location to the other.  There are no makeup exams so if you will be out of town for a job interview, plan to be in your hotel room to take the exam at the proper time.  We would proctor remotely via your zoom camera.

Our first exam, on March 7, is in Baker Lab rooms BKL119, BKL135, BKL219.  Baker is located inside the Physics building.  We will spread out in the three rooms, with one of them designated as a quiet space.  I'm not sure which one will play that role, but please don't use it unless you need a very quiet exam setting.  We want to keep the number of people in the quiet exam room to a minimum.

Our second exam, on May 2, is in Klarman Hall, room KG70.  This is the building with the "Temple of Zeus" cafe.  On the quad side, the door is "Goldwyn Smith Hall".  The exam will cover up to and including April 26.

We are respectful of SDS accommodations, but we also realize that some students who don't have formal SDS accommodations also need extra time for other reasons.  We try to be fair to everyone.  Our prelims will be designed for 60m, but we will allow everyone to have one extra hour (double the normal time) if they wish, without needing to ask special permission.  We have asked Cornell to provide a "quiet room" for people who need to take their exam in a very quiet environment.  They did so for prelim 1, but it is not clear we can get a second room on May 2 for prelim 2 (we have no separate final, so prelim2 is the same length and format as prelim1, but counts as our final).