Lecture notes and other resources

We will place on this page notes handed out in class and other helpful material, as they are produced.
Basics of Java and Eclipse: pdf file   
Power point slides for all of Java: pdf (6/page)   pptx (slides)
Lecture 1: demo files: demo22aug.zip
Lecture 2: anglicize integers (zip)

Some topics covered in previous incarnations of CS2111:

Develop and test some simple Java programs.
Time-format changer (practice with Strings)
Anglicize an integer (e.g. from 125 produce "one hundred twenty five") step-wise refinement)
Parsing expressions (giving precedence to */ over +-)
Make an Iterable version of the algorithm "Next higher permutation"
Set implementations
Asymptotic complexity
Celebrity problem
Loop invariants
Linked lists
Practice with induction
Review for test
More detail about an assignment