Frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the first recitation? Tuesday, 31 Feburary.

Everyone else will know Java and I don't. Is taking CS2110 a mistake? Most of the students learned Matlab or Python as their first language, with perhaps 2 weeks of object-oriented concepts. CS 2110 requires only one semester of programming instruction or experience, in any language. CS 2110 will teach Java and Java's version of object-oriented computing in the first weeks of class.

CS2111 is designed to help you learn the material. This one extra hour per week can help a lot.

What if I can't take CS 2111 but I still want extra help? Sign up for an AEW —Academic Excellence Workshop-- for CS2111. If you don't know what this is, visit this website or visit the Students Services room, Olin 167, and ask.

Do you really care if I use Eclipse or not? Yes.  Please use Eclipse. It may make a difference. If our testing of your submission doesn't wor because you used some other IDE, that is your problem.

So, where can I find Eclipse? Follow the download instructions on this webpage.

What if I'm falling behind or some personal issues are getting in my way --what can I do? See someone immediately, like Professors George or Gries or a TA. They knowthese things happen --they have happened to George and Gries also-- and perhaps they can make adjustments, but only if they know very soon. Communication always helps.

I've become aware of people who are cheating and this has me angry. Talk to us confidentially about your concerns. If you aren't comfortable doing that, it may help to realize that cheating isn't possible on exams. People who don't do the assignments rarely do well on exams.