There are three scheduled exams, two prelims and a final.

Prelim 1 Thursday, Mar 8 7:30 - 9:00 pm Ives Hall 305 - -
Prelim 2 Tuesday, Apr 17 7:30 - 9:00 pm Ives Hall 305 - -
Final Exam Friday, May 11 2:00 - 4:30 pm Statler Hall 185    


If you have a conflict with another exam or other university-sponsored event:

By University policy, courses are not obligated to provide makeup exams for students taking concurrent courses, and we will not do so in this course. The Courses of Study states: "Students are expected to be present throughout each semester at all meetings of courses for which they are registered."  The term "meetings" includes exams, even when scheduled in the evening.

Retrieving Exams

We distribute prelims in 360 Upson (M-F, 10am-12noon and 2-4pm) usually two days after the prelim. Bring your student ID card. Final exams may be reviewed the following semester, but may not be taken from the room.

Past Exams

DISCLAIMER: **There may be some typos/errors in the old exams and solutions and, if an answer doesn't seem right, check the old websites for errata/corrections to the solutions**

Prelim 1

Prelim 2



There will be occasional in-class quizzes. Quizzes are typically multiple choice, and the number of correct answers corresponds to your score. Quizzes will count for a small percentage of your final grade.