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CS PhD Student
Cornell Tech, New York, NY

nephraim "at" cs.cornell.edu

Naomi Ephraim

I am a third year Computer Science Ph.D. student at Cornell University. My advisor is Professor Rafael Pass. My research interests span the areas of cryptography and game theory.

I received my B.S. in Computer Science at Johns Hopkins University with a second major in Mathematics, where I worked with Professor Michael Dinitz.


I help run the Cornell Crypto Seminar. If you are interested in giving a talk, please let me know!


  • Continuous Verifiable Delay Functions
    with Cody Freitag, Ilan Komargodski, and Rafael Pass
  • On the Complexity of Compressing Obfuscation
    with Gilad Asharov, Ilan Komargodski, and Rafael Pass
    CRYPTO 2018. eprint
  • Reception Capacity Through Perfect Domination
    with Michael Dinitz
    Submitted. arxiv

Teaching Experience

  • Spring 2017: TA for CS 4820 - Introduction to Analysis of Algorithms
  • Fall 2016: TA for CS 5435 - Security and Privacy in the Wild