Einar W. Vollset

Visiting Assistant Professor
4114 Upson Hall
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14853
United States

Phone: +1(607) 255-7573
Fax: +1(607) 255-4428
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Email: Please see this

I work in the Systems group, primarily with Ken Birman and Robbert van Renesse, as well as some extremely bright PhD students.

I got my PhD in 2005 at the University of Newcastle, UK. My dissertation was one of the runners-up for the 2006 British Computer Society's distinguished dissertation award, a competition to find the best CS dissertations in the UK each year.

Before I embarked on my PhD, I worked part time and during the summers for Arjuna, a startup (that eventually got acquired by Bluestone, which then got acquired by HP) in the area of distributed transactions, messaging and reliability. I worked on the team that developed what became HP's Java Message Service (JMS) system.

I like building real systems that people will use, though you may not think that reading my PhD thesis - it included proving consensus algorithms for mobile ad-hoc networks correct - ah the folly of youth ;-).

I'm currently focusing on building a highly scalable 'on-demand network testbed' called CloudLab (if you're a Cornell student looking for a project, you can help me)

Other strands of research includes measuring and building systems for long distance, high speed links, such as the TeraGrid (some preliminary notes). I've also played a little bit with GNU Radio and the associated USRP hardware (see my notes), and would like to build a scalable, lightweight web services stack based entirely on Atom/RSS feeds, but I doubt I'll have the time (and then Yahoo Pipes came along anyways..)

An amorphous and ever changing list of Cornell student projects I'm willing to supervise

Teaching: I'm teaching CS 414 (Operating Systems) at in the summer and fall sessions this year (yes I'm busy..). I also taught 414 last fall. The course pages are still available. Previously me and the brilliant Simon Woodman help setup the first ever Masters in Computing in Kazakhstan, at the al-Farabi National Kazakh University there.


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