Class PaoNodeFactory_c

  extended by polyglot.ext.jl.ast.AbstractNodeFactory_c
      extended by polyglot.ext.jl.ast.NodeFactory_c
          extended by polyglot.ext.pao.ast.PaoNodeFactory_c
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class PaoNodeFactory_c
extends NodeFactory_c

NodeFactory implementation for the pao extension. The node factory is responsible for creating AST nodes.

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Methods inherited from class polyglot.ext.jl.ast.NodeFactory_c
AmbAssign, AmbExpr, AmbPrefix, AmbQualifierNode, AmbReceiver, AmbTypeNode, ArrayAccess, ArrayAccessAssign, ArrayInit, ArrayTypeNode, Assert, Assign, Binary, Block, BooleanLit, Branch, Call, CanonicalTypeNode, Case, Cast, Catch, CharLit, ClassBody, ClassDecl, ClassLit, Conditional, ConstructorCall, ConstructorDecl, delFactory, Do, Empty, Eval, extFactory, Field, FieldAssign, FieldDecl, findExtFactInstance, FloatLit, For, Formal, If, Import, Initializer, Instanceof, IntLit, Labeled, Local, LocalAssign, LocalClassDecl, LocalDecl, MethodDecl, New, NewArray, NullLit, PackageNode, Return, SourceCollection, SourceFile, Special, StringLit, Switch, SwitchBlock, Synchronized, Throw, Try, Unary, While
Methods inherited from class polyglot.ext.jl.ast.AbstractNodeFactory_c
AmbPrefix, AmbQualifierNode, AmbReceiver, AmbTypeNode, ArrayInit, Assert, Block, Block, Block, Block, Block, Branch, Break, Break, Call, Call, Call, Call, Call, Call, Call, Call, Call, Call, Call, ConstructorCall, Continue, Continue, Default, disamb, Field, FieldDecl, If, LocalDecl, New, New, New, NewArray, NewArray, NewArray, Return, SourceFile, SourceFile, Special, Super, Super, SuperCall, SuperCall, This, This, ThisCall, ThisCall, Try, Unary
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Constructor Detail


public PaoNodeFactory_c()