CS789 Theory Seminar

Spring 2005 - Full Listing

Monday, 4:00 pm -- 5130 Upson Hall




Lisa Fleischer,

IBM T.J. Watson Research Ctr

Tolls for heterogeneous, selfish users of a multicommodity network and generalized congestion games

Rica Gonen,

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Incentive Compatible Multi-unit Combinatorial Auctions

Mohammad Taghi Hajiaghayi,


Fast Algorithms For Hard Graph Problems:BiDimenationality, Minors, And (Local) Treewidth
2/21/2005 Alexa Sharp Incremental Flow


Malott 406

David Aldous, UC Berkeley A tractable complex network model

3/4/2005 Friday

3:30 p.m.
655 Rhodes Hall

Maria Chudnovsky,


The Structure of Clawfree Graphs

no theory seminar:

see CS colloquium

Sumit Gulwani, UC Berkeley

Computer Science Colloquium: 

Program Analysis Using Random Interpretation


no theory seminar:

see CS colloquium

 Prasanna Ganesan, Stanford

Computer Science Colloquium:

Data Management in Peer-to-Peer Systems


Spring Break

3/28/2005       (Monday) 4:15pm  5130 Upson

Mikhail Alekhnovich,

Institute for Advanced Study

Computer Science Colloquium:  Hard Satisfiable Instances for DPLL Algorithms and Other Common Models of Computation
3/31/05      (Thursday) 4:15pm Upson B17

see CS colloquium

Robert Kleinberg, MIT

Computer Science Colloquium: 

Adaptive Algorithms for Price-Setting and Overlay Routing

4/4/2005       (Monday) 4:15pm  5130 Upson Shuchi Chawla,  CMU Computer Science Colloquium:  Algorithms for Path-Planning
4/8/2005/CAM       (Friday)  3:30pm     253 Rhodes Daniel Bienstock, Columbia University CAM Colloquium:  New Algorithms for the Maximum Throughput Problem
4/11/2005     (Monday) 4:15pm  5130 Upson Anupam Gupta, CMU Sparsest Cut Problems and Embeddings into L1
4/15/2005/CAM       (Friday) 3:30pm     655 Rhodes

Robin Thomas, Georgia Tech

CAM Colloquium: Pfaffian Orientations of Graphs
4/18/2005     (Monday) 4:15pm  5130 Upson Mark Sandler TBA
4/19/2005/ORIE (Tuesday)4:15pm   253 Rhodes See ORIE Colloqium Bruce Shepherd, Lucent ORIE COlloquium: TBA
4/25/2005     (Monday) 4:15pm  5130 Upson Silvio Micali, MIT TBA
4/26/2005/ORIE (Tuesday)4:15pm   253 Rhodes Bill Pulleyblank, IBM ORIE Colloquium: BlueGene and Business optimization
5/2/2005       (Monday) 4:15pm  5130 Upson Alex Slivkins TBA


(Wednesday)4:15pm 5130 Upson

Sanjeev Goyal TBA

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