Theory Seminar

Fall 2003

Monday, 4:00 p.m., 5130 Upson Hall



General Discussion About The Theory Seminar

9/8/003 Ranjithkumar Rajagopalan, ORIE Cornell University Langrangian relaxation for the k-median problem:  new insights and continuity properties
9/15/2003 Dexter Kozen, Cornell University On the Representation of Kleene Algebra with Tests
9/22/03 Howard Karloff, AT&T Labs On the Fractal Behavior of TCP
9/29/03 Retsef Levi, ORIE Cornell University Improved Approximation Algorithm for The Joint Replenishment Problem
10/6/03 Ahuva Mu'alem, Hebrew University Towards a Characterization of Truthful Combinatorial Auctions
10/7/03 (Tuesday) Enav Weinreb, Ben-Gurion University The power of monotone span programs over different fields

Fall Break, No Theory Seminar Scheduled

10/20/03 Balaji Prabhakar, Stanford The Parisi and Coppersmith-Sorkin Conjectures for the Random Assignment Problem
10/21/03 Tuesday 3-4 pm  Steven Low, Caltech Fast TCP 
10/21/03 Tuesday 4:30-5:30 Balaji Prabhakar, Stanford Simple, scalable network algorithms
10/27/03 Ravi Kumar, IBM Almaden An information statistics approach to communication complexity and data streams
11/3/03 Frank J. Oles, IBM Watson  Precedence-Inclusion Patterns and Their Use in Information Extraction from Text
11/10/03 Aleksandrs Slivkins, Cornell University Network Failure Detection and Graph Connectivity
11/17/03 Martin Pál, Cornell University Approximation Via Cost-Sharing: A Simple Approximation Algorithm for the Multicommodity Rent-or-Buy Problem
11/24/03 Chaitanya Swamy, Cornell University Correlation Clustering: Maximizing Agreements via Semidefinite Programming
12/1/2003 Rann Smorodinsky, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology Overcoming Free Riding in Multi-Party Computations - The Anonymous Case

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