Theory Seminar

Fall 2004

Monday, 4:00 p.m., 5130 Upson Hall


8/30/2004 Aleksandrs Slivkins, Cornell University Triangulation and Embedding using Small Sets of Beacons
9/6/2004 Dexter Kozen, Cornell University Toward the Automation of Category Theory

Postponed until next week

9/20/2004 Tom Wexler, Cornell University The Price of Stability for Network Design with Fair Cost Allocation
9/27/2004 Shlomi Dolev, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev Self-Stabilization
10/4/2004 Anirban Dasgupta, Cornell University Spectral analysis for random graphs with skewed degree distributions

Fall Break

10/18/2004 FOCS tba
10/25/2004 Neal Glew, Intel Typed STIR:Experiences with Type Checking the IR of an Optimising Java JIT
11/1/2004 Ramin Zabih, Cornell University Some Mathematical Problems in Medical Imaging
11/8/2004 Adrian Vetta, McGill University
Quality, stability and efficiency issues in competitive games
11/15/2004 Uris Hall 498 at 4-5:30 Matt Jackson, CalTech Search in the Formation of Large Networks: How Random are Socially Generated Networks
11/22/2004 Ara Hayrapetyan, Cornell University Network Design for Information Networks
11/29/2004 No seminar  
Wednesday 12/1/2004  at 3-4pm Edith Elkind, Princeton Reducing overpayment in shortest path auctions.

Past Theory Seminars

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