Final Projects

The websites for final projects are here. You need to be part of the Cornell network to access it.

Project information

How CS5413 Projects Work:

What are the different project stages and what do we need in each one of them:

Team Formation and Project Idea (due early-February [Fri, Feb 3rd])

  1. Create Projects groups of three people or so. The full list of project participants needs to be submitted via CMS.

Project Idea (due mid-September [Wed, Feb 15])

  1. The project title and difficulty level (either from the list below or, if you propose a new project, similar in style).
  2. A brief description of the project (either from the list below or, if you propose a new project, similar in style).
  3. If you will use your project for MEng credit, a sentence saying " This project will be used for CS MEng credit, approved by (Prof. Weatherspoon/Vishal) ".  Please note the rules given below!  You must respect them or we can't approve the CS MEng credit request.  The name to list can be Professor Weatherspoon or one of the TAs and that person must meet with you, discuss your plan for MEng project credit and approve your plan.

Project Proposal (due late-Feb [Fri, Mar. 3])

  1. One paragraph on the high level context/motivation for what you are proposing.
  2. A paragraph (or bullet points) on what you will do to carry out the project: e.g.   "We will get access to the NSF GENI Testbed with a SoNIC slice and implement our own SoNIC-enabled network measurement architecture for monitoring available bandwidth" etc.  You should also accompany these actions with an estimated date of completion (time schedule for the project). You can evolve this plan later if needed; the one you file is an initial concept.
  3. A paragraph (or bullet points again) explaining how you will demonstrate the project (on completion, we will have a visual demo and a poster.  The demo will show....)  This can evolve over time too.
  4. Of the team of three, who will do what?  How often will you meet?  How many hours per week will you work on the effort?  How many credits are you taking: can you really spend that number of hours per week?  We allow teams of three for any project. 

Intermediate Report I (due mid March [Fri, Mar 24])

    Old and current (if they are different) proposals, along with information about what has been achieved and how (green status), what is in progress and how it is going (yellow status) and what is not done at all (red status). You should also justify any changes made to the previous proposal.

BOOM Submission Deadline (possible extra credit) (due mid March [Fri, Mar 31])

    Submit for a BOOM presentation using your project as the topic for possible extra credit:

Intermediate Report II (due mid April [Wed, Apr 12])

    Same as Intermediate Report I.

BOOM Presentation (possible extra credit) (due mid April [Wed, Apr 19])

    Present a poster and/or demo at BOOM for possible extra credit:

Final Report (due May 10)

    Same as Intermediate Reports. We expect to see everything that is reported here as completed (green status) in the demo/poster day mentioned below.

Demo Day (May 10)

    A presentation and/or poster explaining the architecture of your system and how it works and a live demo that demonstrates the full capabilities of the system. We'll also have the original plan with us and will want you to explain how you departed from the plan if the thing you actually do isn't quite what you originally had in mind.

All the documents need to be commited to CMS (

Project Ideas

More than one project group can independently undertake the same project.  Possible project ideas are listed below. It is prefered that groups select projects from below. But, student groups can propose their own project ideas as well.

Click on the link HERE for possible project ideas.

Questions or comments? email Prof. Hakim Weatherspoon

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