Instructor:  Prof. Hakim Weatherspoon
         (Office hours: Mon/Wed 2:30-3:30pm, 427 Gates Hall, or by appointment)

TA:  Vishal Shrivastav
        (OH: Thu 5:00-6:00pm, Fri 3:00-4:00pm, 430 Gates Hall)

Class Admin: Jessica Depew
        (401 Gates Hall)

Class Meetings: Attendance is required.
        Mon/Wed/Fri 1:25-2:15pm, 110 Hollister Hall

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Jan 26:  Lab0 released.

Jan 20:  Welcome to CS 5413!
First session will be Wednesday, January 25th, in room 110 Hollister Hall.

General Information

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Course Overview

This is a graduate-level course targeting Masters and PhD students. This course broadly examines high performance systems and networks. It especially covers systems and networks built from low cost commodity components like modern datacenters that provide platforms for cloud and other online services. It teaches abstractions, design, and implementation techniques that allow students to build the kind of scalable high performance systems and networks that can deal with real-world cloud workloads. Students study high performance designs and implementations: They create projects related to operating systems kernel and driver designs and implementations on the systems side and network medium, protocol, and topology designs on the networking side. The key is that students immerse themselves in state-of-the-art systems and networks, produce a few small course projects and a final project, and gain an understanding necessary to build highly available, reliable, and performant systems and networks while relying mainly on low cost, commodity components.

Course Prerequisities:

Attendees are expected to have mastered the material in CS 4410 and CS 4411, or there equivalent.   If you didn't enjoy CS 4410, you won't have fun in CS 5413.

Cornell Masters and PhD students with appropriate background may enroll without special approvals.  Undergraduates students are required to obtain Professor Weatherspoon's explicit permission before enrolling.  Please meet with Professor Weatherspoon either prior to the first day of classes, or after class on the first day, to discuss your level of preparation and goals.

Course Requirements
  • Project: CS 5413 will have three or four group projects where the last project will be more open-ended. More details on the projects will come soon.

Collaboration Policy

You may discuss the questions for each discussion paper with other students, but you may not look at other student's answers. You must write your answer yourself.

To draw a very clear line, you may use any idea from any other person or group in the class or out, provided you clearly state what you have borrowed and from whom . If you do not provide a citation---that is, you turn other people's work in as your own---that is cheating. Anything else is fair game. Of course, we will be grading you on the ideas you have added, but you should always borrow as much as you can as a starting point as there is no point in reinventing the wheel.

Questions or comments? email Prof. Hakim Weatherspoon

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