Course Management

  • Assignments will be disseminated and collected via CMS:
  • The source code for the EGOS operating system, which you will be modifying for some of the assignments, will be disseminated via Cornell Github. Make sure you have an account and can provide us with your username (likely your netID, but not if you changed it!) when the time comes.
  • If you choose to fork the EGOS repository on Cornell GitHub (and we recommend using GitHub to collaborate with your partner on these projects), you must keep your forked repository private. It is an academic integrity violation to put your solutions to these assignments in a public GitHub repository.

Computing Environment

EGOS will compile and run on both Linux and Mac OS X, as long as you have a relatively recent C compiler installed (i.e. gcc 7.4, which is the default on Ubuntu 18.04). It does not work on Windows, but if you have Windows 10, you can compile and run your code in the Windows Subsystem for Linux, also known as the “Ubuntu” app on the Windows store.

If you want to run EGOS in the Windows Subsystem for Linux, make sure you satisfy these prerequisites:

  • Make sure your WSL installation is updated to Ubuntu 18.04, which is the current version. If you installed WSL several years ago and haven't updated it since, it may still be Ubuntu 16.04, which is not supported in this class.
  • Install the "gcc" and "build-essential" packages in Ubuntu so that you can compile your code with Make.
  • Clone your EGOS repository using the git command within the Ubuntu terminal, not the Windows version of git (i.e. GitHub Desktop). This is essential in order to ensure that the EGOS source files are downloaded with “Linux-style” line breaks (LF) rather than “Windows-style” line breaks (CR LF). (To learn more about why this happens, read the Git documentation for the core.autocrlf setting).

Coding Resources


This course has no official textbook, but we expect that you will keep up with your reading in the CS 4410 textbook, Operating Systems: Three Easy Pieces by Remzi H. Arpaci-Dusseau and Andrea C. Arpaci-Dusseau. This book is available for free online, but you can also get the PDF or get a printed copy.