CS 4121/5121
Introduction to Compilers Practicum
Spring 2023

2023 CS 4121/5121 Compiler Bakeoff

The “Best Compiler” title gives each member of the winning team both bragging rights and an attractive plaque announcing their excellence in the compiler-writing domain. PA6 submissions will be treated as submissions to the contest; however, performance in the bakeoff does not affect course grades.


Compilers are compared using the following criteria, listed roughly in order of importance:


Compilers are evaluated using several Eta and Rho programs, testing both language features and performance. These benchmarks test the performance of arrays, loops, recursion, redundant computations, and more.


There were many excellent and impressive project submissions! The winning compiler for Spring 2023 was developed by the group of Esther Wang, Jerry Xu, and Sanjit Basker. Their compiler, implemented in 12k lines of Kotlin, earned the highest score on correctness while generating fast code. Their optimizations included copy and constant propagation, move coalescing, and loop invariant code motion.

Honorable mentions go to three other groups:

More detailed statistics are available.

Past Bakeoff Results and Winners