CS 4121
Introduction to Compilers Practicum
Fall 2011

2011 CS 4121/5121 Compiler Bakeoff

The “Best Compiler” title is once again up for grabs! Winning team members will receive bragging rights and an attractive plaque announcing their excellence in the compilation domain. Your PA7 submissions will be considered submissions to the compiler bakeoff. Entries to the contest will accepted until December 16 (this is a hard deadline both for PA7 and the contest!).

Your group's relative performance in the bakeoff won't affect your course grade.


Compilers are compared using the following criteria, listed roughly in order of importance:


Compilers will be evaluated using several Xi and OO Xi programs, testing both language features and performance. These benchmarks test the performance of objects, arrays, loops, recursion, redundant computations, and more.

Contest results

Contest winner

Every group had significant success with the compiler project. The winner of the bakeoff was Group 7. Their compiler managed to handle almost all of our test programs, including complex OO Xi programs that used QtXi. The code the compiler generated with optimization turned on was easily the fastest among the groups. Their compiler was also the fastest of the compilers. Despite its good performance, their compiler was also the shortest. Their excellent design work avoided wasted code and effort. Congratulations to Stephen Gutz, Gautam Kamath, and Gregory Zecchini for a superb piece of engineering!