Level Design Critique

Now that you have finished your beta release, you should have some early ideas about your level design patterns. Indeed, you had to present these as part of your demo. So we are going to end the week with a detailed critique of these patterns.

There is nothing new to prepare for this class day. Simply bring the slides with the level design patterns that you presented in class.

Running the Critique

This critique will proceed similarly to the previous level design critique. We will pair you with another group. You are then to remind the other group how your game is played, and present your building blocks to the other group.

The first thing that the other group will analyze is whether or not these patterns are designer focused. Remember that design is about constraining the other player, not telling the player want to do. The opposing group should figure out whether or not there are other ways to get around the challenge, beyond what your team expects. If so, you should have a discussion about how to better constrain the player.

After everyone has agreed that the design patterns are appropriate, the opposite team should try to make a short level from your patterns. You should critique this level for pacing and difficulty. When this is done, teams should swap so that they other team can be critiqued.