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Courseware and Computer Resources

CS 3110 Virtual Machine

To standardize and streamline the tools we use in this course, we provide a virtual operating system for download. Click here to install the disk image. (You will need Oracle's Virtual Box software to load it.)

The virtual environment comes with the latest version of OCaml, the OPAM package manager, many recommended text editors (including Emacs with Tuareg mode), and the CS 3110 compilation tool. We highly recommend it over trying to install tools natively.

Native Installation of OCaml

If you prefer to run OCaml natively, we fully understand, but we do not have the resources to support installation on arbitrary platforms. You might find the installation instructions on the Spring 2014 website useful. The Real World OCaml website also has good instructions.

Computer Labs

CIT Labs

Cornell Information Technologies (CIT) runs several computer labs across campus for all members of the Cornell community. Check here for locations and hours.


CS majors are entitled to an account in the CSUG labs in Gates and Rhodes. Check here for more information.