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Date Topic Description
Thursday 4/12 PS 6 released PS 6 has been released. There is a writeup and release code.
Saturday 4/7 PS 5 karma Karma extensions for PS 5 are available here.
Friday 3/30 PS 5 updated There have been several important updates to PS5. A updated version of the writeup is available and the pinned section on Piazzas has notes and questions regarding the changes. Mainly, they considering the work/span for Arrays and threads and the flatten function on sequences.
Monday3/26 PS 5 released PS5 has been released. The release source code is also available. This assignment is to be completed in pairs. Please sign up for a design meeting time slot on CMS. Meeting slots are available for next week during normal office hours.
Sunday 11/6 PS 4 update There were several bugfixes to the PS 4 writeup. Please make sure you have seen the new version. There are red labels to mark the updated sections.
Tuesday 3/6 Prelim Exam Review session at 7:30 in Phillips 203
Thursday 3/1 PS 4 PS 4 has been released with code
Thursday 3/1 PS 4 PS 4 has been released
Friday 2/17 PS 3 PS 3 has been released
Monday 2/6 PS 1 grades PS 1 grades have been released on CMS
Friday 2/3 PS 2 PS 2 has been released
Thursday 2/2 PS 1 PS 1 is due today at 11:59pm