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CS 2800 Spring 2015 Course Schedule

All dates for future lectures and unreleased assignments, if posted, are provisional.

LaTeX class file for homeworks: 2800hw.cls. You might also need utf8.sty.

Date Lecture Topic Notes Reading Homework
Jan 21 (W) Introduction 01_intro_mike
Jan 23 (F) Proofs Assaf Goldberger's
Notes on Proofs

Sam Vandervelde's
Bridge to Higher Mathematics
Jan 26 (M) Proofs 03_proofs
Jan 28 (W) Logic and Quantifiers 04_logic_quant Homework 1
(LaTeX source)
Jan 30 (F) Quantifiers, Proofs, Sets 05_quant_proofs_sets
Feb 2 (M) Probability 101 06_probability Peter Cameron's
Notes on Probability
Homework 2
(LaTeX source)
Feb 4 (W) Independence and
Conditional Probability
Feb 6 (F) Probability
Feb 9 (M) Probability Homework 3
(LaTeX source)
Feb 11 (W) Probability
Feb 13 (F) Probability
Feb 18 (W) Functions Homework 4
(LaTeX source)
Feb 20 (F) Functions
Feb 23 (M) Functions and
14_functions Jonathan
Notes on Functions
Homework 5
(LaTeX source)
Feb 25 (W) Bijections and
Feb 27 (F) Equivalence Relations 16_equivalence
Mar 2 (M) Equivalence Relations
Mar 4 (W) Equivalence Relations
Mar 6 (F) Partial and
Total Orders
Mar 9 (M) Prelim 1 (in-class)
Mar 11 (W) Mathematical
20_induction Adam Bjorndahl's
Puzzles and Paradoxes
in Mathematical

U. of Toronto
Induction Problems
Mar 13 (F) Finite Automata 21_automata Pass and Tseng's
A Course in
Discrete Structures

Also see:
Hopcroft, Motwani
and Ullman, Intro.
to Automata Theory,
Languages, and
Mar 16 (M) Pumping Lemma 22_pumping Homework 6
(LaTeX source)
Mar 18 (W) Noncomputability 23_noncomput
Mar 20 (F) Structural Induction 24_structural
Mar 23 (M) Nondeterministic
Finite Automata and
Regular Expressions
25_nfa_regex Homework 7
(LaTeX source)
Mar 25 (W) Kleene's Theorem - I 26_kleene_1 Forbes Lewis'
Automata Problems
Mar 27 (F) Kleene's Theorem - II 27_regexps
Apr 6 (M) Optimizing Automata 28_opt
Apr 8 (W) Number Representations
and the
Division Algorithm
Apr 10 (F) Modular Arithmetic 30_modular
Apr 13 (M) Prelim 2 (in-class)
Apr 15 (W) Fermat's Little Theorem 31_fermat_little Homework 8
(LaTeX source)
Apr 17 (F) RSA 32_rsa
Apr 20 (M) RSA 33_rsa
Apr 22 (W) RSA Homework 9
(LaTeX source)
Apr 24 (F) Graphs - Intro
and Trees
Apr 29 (W) Four-Color Theorem - I
May 1 (F) Four-Color Theorem - II
May 4 (M) Sunny Day Stories 38_sunny Homework 10
(LaTeX source)