CS 212 - Spring 2004

This schedule will be updated periodically throughout the term.  Last update: May 5.

Date Topics Links
Jan 28 Introduction, computer architecture, JVM Week01 Introduction.pdf
Feb 4 Compilers, syntax, grammars Week02 Lexical Analysis and Parsing.pdf
Feb 11 Recursive descent parsing, abstract syntax trees (ASTs) Week03 More Parsing.pdf
Feb 18 Code Generation, BNF Week04 Code Generation.pdf
Feb 25 Software Engineering Week05 Software Engineering.pdf
Mar 3 More Software Engineering (Programming in the Large) Week06 More Software Engineering.pdf
Mar 10 Call stack, Bali functions Week07 Implementing Functions.pdf
hand compiled sam-code for recursive factorial function
Mar 17 Bali arrays Week08 Implementing Arrays.pdf
Mar 24 Spring Break  
Mar 31 Discussion of Assignment Part 3 Week09 Discussion of Part 3.pdf
Apr 7 Pointers and the Heap Week10 Pointers and the Heap.pdf
Apr 14 Implementing Objects Week11 Implementing Objects.pdf
Apr 21 Software Engineering Tools Week12 Software Tools.pdf
Apr 28 Bali++ (object oriented Bali) Week13 Code for Classes.pdf 
plus some example code.
May 5 Last Class: Review + What I Do Week14 Review plus What I Do.pdf