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Welcome to CS1132
Transition to MATLAB - Auto-Tutorial Course

Credits: 1.          Grade option: S/U only
Prerequisite: one course in programming
Course ends April 17th.

Course description: A brief introduction to programming using Matlab. Covers the Matlab environment, assignment, conditionals, scripts, functions, iteration, and arrays, as well as graphics. It is assumed that the student knows basic procedural programming in a language like Java, C, C++, or Fortran.

Latest Announcements

Information Sessions in Spring 2015; please attend one of them:
Thursday (1/22) 4:40-5:30pm Location: Phillips 219
Monday (1/26) 3:35-4:25pm Location: Phillips 203

First Session

Read these slides if you missed the info session.


HW1a has been posted.

Using/Installing Matlab

Students may use the software in any of the Engineering labs--it is already installed on those machines. For your own computer, you can purchase Matlab from the Campus Store or Mathworks.

How this course operates

This course is different from most of your courses, in the following ways.

  1. Auto-tutorial - You can learn all the material in the course on your own using the textbook and posted materials, including short videos called blectures (short for web lectures). However, there are many opportunities to interact with course staff to get help if you want: daily consulting hours (5 hours a day for 5 days a week) in a computer lab, as well as weekly office hours with TAs. There are no lectures.
  2. Though S/U only, the course requires mastery of the material: you must pass the course at the B level (85%). Specifically, the average score of the required submissions--Assignment 1 (a and b together), Test 1, Assignment 2, and Test 2--must be 85 or higher.
  3. Multiple submissions before the deadlines are allowed in order to help you achieve mastery. For each programming assignment, if your first submission isn't perfect you may correct and re-submit it once without penalty; each additional re-submission incurs a 10% penalty. You may take the test of each Module multiple times (a different version each time), once a week, to improve your score. See the Grades/exams link for the rules. Note these deadlines:
    Feb 11 Wednesday Assignment 1a
    Mar 4 Wednesday Assignment 1b
    Mar 6 Friday Test 1
    Apr 15 Wednesday Assignment 2
    Apr 17 Friday Test 2