M/F 2:30-3:20   
in G01 Gates Hall

CS 1130: Transition to OO Programming

Spring 2016

CS 1130 Staff

Name E-Mail/Contact Office Availability
Craig Frey ccf27@cornell.edu
Phone: 255-2166
347 Gates Hall

1. Office Hours: ???
    347 Gates Hall
2. By Appointment (via e-mail)

Administrative Assistant
Megan Gatch mlg34@cornell.edu
Phone: 255-3313
437 Gates Hall Contact for administrative issues.

Get in the habit of dropping in on the TAs if you have questions. You should drop in on any available TA, not just your section TA.

??? @cornell.edu TBD

Office Hours: ???
    Gates Hall

The supervising consultant is ().

The consulting calendar can be found on this page