M/F 2:30-3:20   
in G01 Gates Hall

CS 1130: Transition to OO Programming

Spring 2016

Instructor: Craig Frey

347 Gates Hall


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Course Description

CS 1130: Transition to Object-Oriented Programming            Spring. 1 credit. S-U grades only.
Prerequisite: one course in programming.

Introduction to object-oriented concepts using Java. Assumes programming knowledge in a language like MATLAB, C, C++, or Fortran. Students who have learned Java but were not exposed heavily to OO programming are welcome.

Students who take this course will build an understanding of object-oriented concepts using Java. Topics include classes, subclasses, inheritance, and overriding. It also includes an operational model of method calls and the basics of OO design.

This lecture-based course runs for 5 weeks at the beginning of the semester. There are also web-based lectures and video-taped material available.

For more information about course deadlines and expectations, see the course overview.