Readings are from Insight Through Computing. If section  X.Y is an assigned reading, then you also expected to play with the associated m-files which are available here. Syllabus entries are tentative until they are shaded in.





   Demo Files Events
 Aug 29  Lec Introduction/Basics Preface, 1.1  L0, L1, L2, Study Tips Eg1_1    Quad1    Quad2,  
 Aug 29  Lab  Running Matlab, CMS, Guide    Lab 1 spiral.m    spiralGUI.m, spiralGUI.fig  
 Sept 3  Lec Conditionals , For-Loops 1.2, 2.1 L3, L4 Eg1_2  
 Sept 5  Lec While Loops  2.2   L7  MySqrt, ShowRand, SqrtFor, SqrtWhile,UpDown,  
 Sept 5  Lab   Iteration      Lab 2 ForWhile, RandQuad  
 Sept 10 Lec  More Complicated Boolean Examples  3.1    L5, L6 TriStick, LeapYearQuadMin, PolygonPi  
 Sept 12 Lec More Complicated Iteration  3.2  L8 DrawRect, DrawDisk, DrawStar, ShowAll, StarArray, NestedStars,PaintBall P1   9/12
 Sept 12 Lab  Iteration / P1     Lab 3 StarsA, StarsB, StarsC, StarWalk  
 Sept 17 Lec Arrays and Plotting  4.1-4.2 L9, L10 Xeno, EllipsePlot, SinePlot  
 Sept 19 Lec  Discrete vs. Continuous  4.3 L11, L12 Gap, ShowGap, randomQuadratic, rootsQuadratic, ShowQuadratic  
 Sept 19 Lab Functions     Lab 4 MySqrt, MySqrtErr  
 Sept 24 Lec  User-Defined Functions  5.1-5.2  L13 TriCentroid, ShowRGB, TwinkleShowTicToc, ColorInterp  P2   9/24
 Sept 26 Lec   User-Defined Graphics Functions  5.3 L14 DrawPoly, ShowPolyNewPoly  
 Sept 26 Lab  Working with functions and arrays   Lab 5 Pizza, Slice, DrawDisk,DrawNstar, ShowNstar  
 Oct 1  Lec Randomness 6.1-6.2 L15  DrawEllipse, Roll2Dice, RandWalk, ShowRandWalk, PlotDistances  
 Oct 3  Lec  Strings    L16 AddComma, DNA, Tomorrow, RemoveBlanks MoreBoolean  
 Oct 3  Lab  Functions and Arrays   Lab 6 Lab6_Solutions Crossing  
 Oct 8  Lec "        
 Oct 10 Lec  Structures   10.1-10.2  L17    
 Oct 10 Lab  Prelim Review   Lab 6A

Pythag, Birthday, Words

ExamB_no2, ExamC_no5,ExamD_no4 P3 10/10
    Prelim 1 Cut-off  Oct 8 lecture  and Oct 10 Lab included        
 Oct 17  Lec  Cell Arrays  9.1, 9.2 L18 States, VerticalStates, CardDeck, Deal, ShowCards,Shuffle, ShowPF, ShowRoman, RomanNum, Rom2Int  
 Oct 17  Lab      Lab 7 CellArrays Structures Prelim1 (7:30pm)
 Oct 22  Lec  2D Arrays    7.1-7.2 L19, L20    
 Oct 24  Lec 2D Arrays   L21    
 Oct 24  Lab 2D Arrays, GUIs   Lab 8  DigitsPlay  
 Oct 29  Lec  Text-File processing 11.1-11.2 L22 Cell2File, File2Cell, StatePop.dat, ShowPop 1bl8.dat, ShowBackbone P4   10/29
 Oct 31  Lec Image processing 12.4 L23, Cornell_Clock.jpg  
 Oct 31  Lab     Lab 9    
 Nov 5  Lec  More 2D Arrays, PageRank 7.1, 7.3  L27 Edges, ShowEdges, Tower.jpg, Devlin.jpg,LawSchool.jpg Update , StatVec, Random Connectivity, ShowConv  
 Nov 7  Lec  Sound Processing 13.1, 13.2 L25, L26, Show_waveread, ShowPlayList, ShowSegment, ShowSoundData, austin.wav, noCry.wav, BackToSchool.wav, sp_beam.wav,sp_oz6.wav

PlayTwoNotes, PlayScales, PlayCalls, MakeCall, OmegaTable,

 Nov 7  Lab     Lab 10,  

SoundProb, ShowScramble PlotColorFreq

UINT8FunnyBiz, JPEGFunnyBiz  
  Prelim 2 Cut-off        
 Nov 12  Lec Recursion  14.1   MeshTriangle, ShowMeshTriangle, randomMondrian, MondTest  
 Nov 14  Lec  Recursion 14.2 L28   P5 11/13
 Nov 14  Lab Review For Prelim   Lab 11 Eg7_3Rev, Eg12_3Rev, Eg10_1Rev, Eg10_2Rev  Prelim 2 (7:30pm)
 Nov 19  Lec Recursion     ShowBin2Dec, ShowDefIntegral, ShowAllPoss, Merge, MergsortI, MergeSortR, InsertionSort, ShowMerge  
 Nov 21  Lec Object-Oriented Programming   Lab12 ShowItinerary, Route, Capitals, CityDistTable,

Eg15_2, MakeBike, BestBike

 Nov 21  Lab CS1112OOP1        
 Nov 26  Lec Object-Oriented Programming CS1112OOP2 , CS1112OOP3     ShowGraphicsHandles P6   11/25
 Dec 3  Lec Object-Oriented Programming


    PointAndCircle Controlling Access Inheritance

Point.m Circle.m ShowPointCircle.m ShowSeparation.m

 Dec 5  Lec Parameter Optimization     ShowRabbits ShowFit Apportionment ShowKey  
 Dec 5  Lab         P7 12/6
                                               Final Exam = Wednesday December 18, 7:00-9:30pm