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The course staff will be available during certain hours to help you with any questions that you have about current assignments, lectures, or general items of interest related to the course.

Office hours are as listed below. Scroll down to see a calendar view of office hours. Extra office hours may be announced from time to time; when they are, they will be announced on the course mailing list and in the announcements section of the course website.

List of staff

Staff Member Role Email Office Hours Lab Office Hours
Graeme Bailey Instructor bailey@cs By appointment N/A
Andrew Rzeznik Course Consultant ajr234 N/A below
Drew Hoelscher Course Consultant aoh4 N/A below
Aaron Sarna Course Consultant ays26 N/A below
Bennett Wineholt Course Consultant bmw39 N/A below
Rocky Li Course Consultant frl8 N/A below
Jason Wright Course Consultant jpw97 N/A below
Jason Boada Course Consultant jwb292 N/A below
Madeline Burton Course Consultant mrb248 N/A below
Margaret Scheiner Course Consultant ms948 N/A below
Sarah Bouwman Course Consultant stb54 N/A below

If you have any questions that you would like answered over email, please direct them to