CS 1110 is a 4 credit course designed for freshmen and sophomores. It is an introduction to computer programming concepts. It is also the first course for computer science majors, so it emphasizes the development and analysis of algorithms. Depending on your needs, you may find that other classes are a better fit.
CS 1110 is not an ideal class for students who want to just learn Python. It involves a significant amount of work both in and out of class. CS 1110 can only be taken for a letter grade, which can be very stressful for students who just wish to explore the material.

CS 1112: Introduction to Computing Using MATLAB
CS 1112 is the primary alternative to CS 1110. It meets at the same time as CS 1110, often has open seats, and offers the "coziness" of a slightly smaller class. Both courses prepare students for CS 2110 and future computer science courses. CS 1110 has a slight emphasis on software application development. CS 1112, which uses MatLab, has a slight emphasis on scientific computation. While CS 1113 assumes no programming experience, it does require a firm background in mathematics and at least one semester of calculus. If you are engineering student whose interests lie outside the digital major cluster (CS, ECE, ORIE, ISST), you might consider that course instead.

CS 1133: The Short Course
CS 1133 is a 2-credit course that covers the first half of CS 1110. It focuses on the basics in programming in Python, but does not include a lot of the computer science material in CS 1110. This course is also S/U and therefore a more forgiving experience.

CS 1380: Data Science for All
CS 1380 is a course emphasizing data science applications, but which teaches some programming in Python as well. It includes hands-on analysis of real-world datasets including economic data, document collections, geographical data, and social networks.

INFO 1300: Introductory Design and Programming for the Web
INFO 1300 is a course on design and programming for the web. This course does not cover as many computer science concepts as either CS 1110 or CS 1112. However, it does an excellent job emphasizing program design, and is one of the best courses available for this.

EAS 2900: Computer Programming and Meteorology Software
Introduction to Python computer programming and visual software packages specifically tailored for meteorological application usage. Topics include basic Python programming (this includes problem analysis, algorithm development, and program writing and execution), data manipulation, and instruction in the use of GrADS, and GEMPACK visual display tools.