CS 1110 Introduction to Computing using Java    Fall 2010  
9367 TR 09:05 Hollister B14 Instructors: David Gries and Lillian Lee  
9369 TR 11:15 Hollister B14 Grade: letter or S/U.   Credits: 4



Assignment A1. A social network. Due on the CMS on 18 Sept, 11:59pm. pdf doc
This assignment requires mastery. You submit and we grade, you resubmit and we regrade, ..., until it is right.

Assignment A2. Drawing objects. Due in class on Thursday, 23 September. This 15-minute assignment is designed to make sure that you know how to draw objects. pdf

Assignment A3. A social network 2. Due on the CMS on 29 Sept, 11:59PM. NO resubmitting after getting a grade and feedback. Builds on A1, using static components and boolean expressions. pdf   doc

Assignment A4. Income tax. Due on the CMS on 16 Oct, 11:59PM.  Updated assignment handout (only change from original: mentioning the change to the Tester.java cases, and therefore indicating that the five previously-incorrect test-case values are now correct).pdf  .pages (iWork file)    a4.zip  
       Optional in case you want to see them: first page of form 1040    first page of form 6251

Read this for some revisions: a4Announcements.pdf    a4Announcements.doc
Revisions (these are included in the above a4.zip file): W6251.java   GUIW6251.java    F6251.java    Tester.java

ABOUT THE REVISIONS. If your code passes all the test cases in the revised Tester.java, your code should be OK.
Note: In F6251.fillOutPartI(), store 0 on line 6 if the itemized deduction worksheet is not used.

Assignment A5. Turtles. Due on the CMS on 30 October (but finish it earlier!!). html  pdf  A5.zip

Assignment A6. Images. Due on the CMS on 18 November.   pdf    doc     a6.zip    OR
ImageGUI.java    ImagePanel.java    ImageProcessor.java    ImageArray.java     sea-turtle-deformed.jpg    gries.jpg   eyechart.jpg

Assignment A7. Breakout. Due on the CMS on 03 December.     pdf     pages     a7-skeleton.zip   breakout.jar
   If you want just the .java skeleton or just the bounce sound clip, here you go, but don't forget to put in the same directory the acm package we gave you from A5.     Breakout.java    bounce.au

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